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Kimball is the fastest way to understand how your customers use your product, which features drive success, and what leads to customer churn. Kimball's software runs entirely in your cloud environment and keeps your data under your control at all times. Combined with our Data Science-as-a-Service offering, we meet all your SaaS Data Science needs.

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What is Kimball?

Kimball's Product Observability platform watches your customer's interaction with your application and automatically keeps track of significant events and goals, generating statistical models that represent customer cohorts and how they use your app.

Running in your on-prem infrastructure via Kubernetes keeps your data safe and secure under your control. Our unique data model is completely customer de-identifed and complies with HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI ePHI/PII requirements.

Data a mess? No worries! Our expert Data Science-as-a-Service team can clean up your environment to be prepared for import into our app. We can also help augment your existing Data Science team or be the foundation for your data science needs.

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Kimball Features

De-Identified & Secure By Design

Kimball runs in your Kubernetes cluster and stores all data in your infrastructure in a completely de-identified way. Complies with HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI identity requirements.

Product Observability & Insights

Gain insight into how customers are using features in your product. Which features drive the most retention? What is a predictor of churn?

Data Science-as-a-Service

Need a bit more help cleaning up your data or integrating with other data science tools? Our expert Data Science team is standing by!

Calculate ROI Automatically

Continually prove feature value with usage, revenue and cost reporting

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